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12 Smartphone Apps For Business Travelers


Traveling is a lesson in preparedness. Before the trip even begins, we need to book airfare, reserve hotels, and pack our bags. While leaving for a day or a week can be stressful, technology allows us to ease this schedule interruption with handy applications that assist in everything from language barriers to finding public restrooms. […]

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The RAK Report: March 2014


It looks like spring weather has decided to wait until closer to it’s official launch date before providing those of us in the midwest with a break from the freezing temperatures and inches upon inches of snow. As tough as Chicago winters can be, the summers generally prove to make up for it by providing […]

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6 Key Benefits of Converting to VoIP

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is becoming more popular as businesses realize the many advantages to integrating a unified communications system into their organization. Companies large and small can benefit from transitioning to this updated technology which primarily allows users to make telephone calls over the internet as opposed to the traditional copper-wire systems. From […]

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Simple Ways to Secure Your Smartphone

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No matter what business you’re in, an unsecured smartphone can lead to unintentional data leaks of personal and professional information. Whether it is family photos, sensitive company updates, client lists, or secret recipes, intruders no longer need to have physical access to your device in order to obtain this confidential information. In this article, we’ll […]

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What Social Networking Can Teach Businesses About Communication

Earlier this month, Facebook celebrated the 10-year anniversary of the day the social networking giant began its journey into changing the way we communicate. Now, we have Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and more to fill in the gaps that Skype, FaceTime, email, text messaging, and good old phone conversations leave behind. While we […]

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The RAK Report: February 2014


As we breeze into February, leaving the first month of the year behind, I can’t help but think…is it Spring yet? ¬†Here in the Chicagoland area, we’ve been hit with the coldest and snowiest Winter in quite a few years. While the negative temperatures and terrible roads are reason enough to stay in and work, […]

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Memes & Mobility


We all know that the internet is a wonderful place where we can connect with just about anyone, anywhere in the world, within a matter of seconds. It allows us to stream films and tv shows, read about the latest news from whichever media outlet we want to trust, and to search the internet for […]

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Consumer Alert: New Cell Phone Scam

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As if we needed another reason to monitor our mobile phone bills each month, the Council of Better Business Bureaus is alerting consumers to a new scam that targets cell phone users by adding “premium services” to their bills. We’ve been on high-alert for years with regards to email and text messaging scams, but this […]

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Make Your Smartphone More Productive

Your smartphone is only as useful as you make it. Whether you use the core applications or have downloaded paid apps from the application store, the tricky part is that you actually have to set them up and pay attention to them in order to make them work for you. Just as the user must […]

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Spotlight On: Nichols


As we all know, technology advances very quickly. In the communications industry, we see this first-hand and observe how organizations both large and small adapt to these changes. Whether it is upgrading mobile devices, installing new phone systems, or implementing new procedures for growth, these changes can be challenging for the organization as a whole […]

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