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5 Ways to “Save” Right Now

Change the Definition to Create Savings Momentum Saving money isn’t difficult. If it appears to be a tough task, it can be extremely beneficial to simply change the definition. Did you know that the word “save” has at least 10 definitions? Why keep the same definition if it’s not serving the intended purpose? Why stick […]

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Technology Tip #2: International Travel

Traveling internationally goes hand-in-hand with higher wireless costs. While these higher costs cannot be avoided altogether, there are several avenues to take in order to reduce these costs as much as possible. The first and most important step is the addition of travel-appropriate usage plans. Many vendors will offer discounted voice rates to specific countries […]

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Technology Tip #3: Conquer Hidden App Fees

Hidden application charges can “crop-up” onto your invoices without you or the users even knowing it.  When downloading a premium application, such as “live TV” or GPS Navigation, using the application even once automatically subscribes the user to that specific service which often has a recurring fee. When the end user realizes that there is […]

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Technology Tip #1: The PIN Lock

Today’s mobile devices are more miniature computers we take everywhere than they are phones in the event of an emergency. We use our smartphones and tablets for email, editing business projects, social networking, taking photos, recording videos, jotting down notes, texting, and so much more. These devices contain ours lives and our businesses, and yet […]

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