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International Travel & Tech Devices

The TSA has increased security once again surrounding mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. While the TSA already may request that a passenger to turn on their laptop, they may now request mobile devices to be switched on. It is unclear how the TSA will proceed with battery-dead devices where passengers do not have a charger to power-up their device or how to retrieve the device if confiscated.

The new rules only apply to international travelers who are entering the United States at the present time, but it is in the best interest of travelers to always make sure their mobile device has sufficient battery life and a charger in the event of an unexpected dead-battery.

Android Data Security

Avast Software recently released a report regarding the ineffective nature of the “Factory Reset” feature on Android smartphones. The company purchased 20 different Android devices from eBay and was able to recover 40,000 photos, 1,000 Google searches, 750 emails and text messages, 250 contact names and email addresses, the identity of 4 previous owners, and 1 complete loan application.

While this information raises concerns for Android users, Avast has developed an anti-theft application which can be used to effectively remove all personal information from the Android device which they are generously offering for free from the Google Play Store.

Quick News & Notes

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