Q. I feel that I’m being taken advantage of by my telecom vendors since I don’t have any telecom experience. Should I hire an employee to handle these issues or a consultant?

A. Many organizations utilize our services because they have little-to-no intimate knowledge of the telecommunications industry or the more recent technology. Since this industry is complex and ever-changing, even the experts struggle to stay current with devices, trends, software and more. In turn, we see businesses continue to use older services and out-dated equipment due to the discomfort of dealing with vendor sales reps as well as the time and energy involved with implementing any changes. While these businesses are aware that they could benefit from a change in services and equipment, they also know that there simply is not enough knowledge available internally in their organization.  Having a telecom audit performed by RAK Consulting will allow your organization to make the best choice possible, whether it is outsourcing your telecommunications completely, or re-organizing and self-administering.

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