RAK’s The Word: November 2013

With the Thanksgiving holiday a mere two weeks away, it’s about time we begin to shift our focus to the end of the year. The holidays always feel like a celebration, even though they can be stressful, exhausting, and, on occasion, downright difficult. As we frantically begin to shop for gifts, bake holiday treats that we swear we won’t eat more than 2 of, and curse the snow that backs up morning traffic (if you’re a commuter in the midwest), it’s important to keep our focus on being grateful for every opportunity, every kind word, and every happy moment. Yes, even when the napkins accidentally fall too close to the lovely pumpkin scented candle…and take to flames.

Able AlarmTo continue with the positive attitude of appreciation that November brings, we are happy to announce that we recently began working with Able Alarm and Ace, Inc..  Able Alarm is a one-stop solution for residential systems, complex industrial systems, and system integration. While Ace, Inc. is a separate organization, they work together with Able Alarm to provide an independent monitoring station for security vendors.  After examining all of the telecom expenditures of both organizations, we were able to save them a combined 17% on their monthly spend. In addition, we are currently working to position both Able Alarm and Ace, Inc. to better compete in their field by upgrading their systems from analog to digital.

We are also continuing our work with ChemJet, Inc. as we help them to determine the best communication equipment options for their corporate and branch phone systems. As we examine their phone system needs and review potential vendors, we are also negotiating with each vendor to uncover the greatest savings as well as discover which vendor will be the best long-term partner for ChemJet’s needs.

Finally, we completed PSC/SolvChem’s transition from Verizon service to AT&T service, which saved them approximately 30%. Even with early termination fees from Verizon and the cost of new equipment, PSC/SolvChem will see immediate savings as we were able to negotiate with AT&T to negate those initial costs. Happy times!

As we sail into November and dream of the bountiful Thanksgiving meal that awaits, we hope that between the stuffing mountains and pumpkin pie clouds, you take a moment to reflect on the spirit of the holiday and all that you have to be thankful for. We here at RAK are so grateful for you, our clients, our friends, and our family, some of which are one in the same.

Have a truly wonderful holiday and a vibrant, energized November.

Anne Kulinski & the RAK Consulting Team