RAK’s The Word: September 2013

The month of September really knows how to make a person feel welcomed. Not only did we have the first weekday of the month off due to Labor Day, but the NFL season kicks-off within this first week as well (any fantasy football players out there?). With these last few weeks of Summer, we’re starting to see the roll-out of pumpkin flavored foods and beverages because, as you know, companies love to get their consumer-favorites out as soon as possible. Speaking of jumping the gun, this is most likely the last month we won’t see Christmas decor until next year. No, September is not a bad month at all.

Before we completely embrace September, we wanted to say our final goodbyes and show some appreciation to what was the beautiful month of August. August not only brought us the start of the U.S. Open, but it was also a great month that connected RAK Consulting with some wonderful organizations. We wrapped up work with AlumCaseCoAluminum Case Co., who design, engineer, and manufacture thousands of aluminum cases for use across a broad spectrum of industries and applications. They needed a phone system upgrade, so we implemented a hosted VoIP phone system which, in addition to the myriad of new technological features, saved them $100 per month. We also started a new working relationship with ChemJet, Inc. and are currently examining their wireless communications and policies. We’re very excited to help them reduce their costs and increase their efficiency.

Since this month will round out the third-quarter of the year, it’s a great time to re-evaluate your yearly expenses and begin to consider next year’s budget. As always, we ask that you keep RAK Consulting in mind during this process as it is our mission to assist in reducing the costs of telecom for our clients. We all strongly dislike paying overpriced telecom bills (okay, and paying bills in general), so why not give us a call and see if there’s a way we can make that payment process a little less painful. As always, that first consultation won’t cost you a cent.

Since this is the inaugural issue of “The Word,” we’ll keep it short and sweet. We hope you all have a happy and prosperous September, and we look forward to our next meeting.

Anne Kulinski & the RAK Consulting Team