Reducing Your Wireless Bill With VoIP Apps

VoIPAppsWhen it comes to reducing business expenses, it’s important to avoid compromising the quality of the operation. So, how do we reduce our wireless bills without telling the organization to spend less time on the phone with clients? While we can suggest utilizing email more often, it is generally more efficient overall to make a call for an urgent matter. Fortunately, smartphone technology allows for VoIP applications that can assist in reducing the cost of wireless calling.

Most VoIP apps are free to download and offer free calling within the application from user to user, though some applications allow for completely free calls. The calls are made over data and Wifi, which means that mobile minutes will not be used.

4 Mobile VoIP Apps To Explore

1. Skype
The most popular of the VoIP applications, Skype can be used to make calls, conduct video meetings, and send text messages. The application can not only be downloaded onto a mobile phone, but can be added onto tablets and computers as well. Domestic calls and texts (US & Canada) are free, but making an international call will utilize your phone’s minutes and are charged against your Google Voice minutes at the Google rate.

2. Viber
Viber is a strong contender in the VoIP application field and much like Skype, the application can be downloaded on a variety of devices. While calls and messages to other Viber users are free, callers must use the low-cost ViberOut to call outside of the Viber network.

3. Google Voice
Google Voice is one of the more looked-over applications, though it offers the Google user to select a custom phone number based on his/her location or connect with the users mobile number. The application can be utilized on numerous devices and also allows for free messaging.

4. magicApp
While magicJack is most known for its at-home VoIP system, the magicJack app, magicApp, is a completely independent application. While the calls are free, the application unfortunately does not allow the user to select the call number (and therefore the phone number’s location). While this may not be a big deal for some, for others, having a local phone number is a must.

Questions about using VoIP applications to reduce your wireless bills? Contact us today to discuss your options.