Frequently Asked

Q. How does RAK Consulting determine the best solution for their clients’ telecom needs?

A. RAK Consulting, Inc evaluates our clients’ needs based on [Read More…]

Q. I’m using a Telecom Expense Management (TEM) and/or Mobile Device Management (MDM) software solution to manage my telecommunications expenses. Why do I need a consultant?

A. While TEM and MDM software can help to manage communication costs, they are only as good as the personnel using them. [Read More…]

Q. I feel that I’m being taken advantage of by my telecom vendors since I don’t have any telecom experience. Should I hire an employee to handle these issues or a consultant?

A. Many organizations utilize our services because they have little-to-no intimate knowledge of the telecommunications industry or the more recent technology. Since this industry is complex and ever-changing, [Read More…]

Q. With all of the offerings out there in communications such as traditional legacy PBX’s, Hybrid PBX’s, Hosted VoIP, desktop softphones, voice over WiFi, mobility, Unified Communications, Unified Messaging, etc, how do I know what will work and be the most cost effective for my company for now and the future?

A. While it may seem a daunting task to sift through all the information out there regarding communications technology, your research will pay off when you see [Read More…]

Q. I’ve heard that “hotspots” enabled on smart phones can reduce my wireless costs.  Is this true and if so how?

A. While hotspots can reduce wireless costs by $20 – $45/month compared to a conventional “aircard” , you have to be aware that not all hotspots are created equal.  [Read More…]

Q. Wireless phone “share” plans vs traditional rate plans – which are better?

A. Whether “share” plans or traditional rate plans are better for your organization can only be determined by performing an analysis of typical average usage. [Read More…]

Q. What is a Wireless Policy and why do I need one?

A. In today’s business environment, wireless technology plays a very important role that allows your employees to efficiently and effectively communicate. [Read More…]

Q. If I have a question that is not found on this Frequently Asked Questions page, how can I contact RAK Consulting to find my answer?

A. Please review our contact page and determine which method you’d prefer to communicate with (email, phone, twitter, etc.).