So You Dropped Your Phone In Water.

From dropping a phone in the toilet to forgetting to take it out of a pair of pants before putting on the wash, we’ve heard countless stories about users submerging their devices in all sorts of water-filled places. Whatever the reason may be, the flooded phone is in immediate danger of becoming a repurposed paperweight. Fortunately, there are a few steps you can take in order to give your phone the best chance of survival.

We’ve compiled a handy little flowchart in the event that your phone mistakenly finds itself in a water-logged situation. While this chart will walk you through the immediate actions that need to occur after the incident, it will also provide you with the Do’s and Don’ts of drying out your phone.

Save Your We tPhone

If you’d like a downloadable copy of the flowchart to provide to your users, download it here.