Technology Tip #2: International Travel

Traveling internationally goes hand-in-hand with higher wireless costs. While these higher costs cannot be avoided altogether, there are several avenues to take in order to reduce these costs as much as possible. The first and most important step is the addition of travel-appropriate usage plans. Many vendors will offer discounted voice rates to specific countries or regions, such as Canada and Mexico, as well as data and packages specifically geared toward travel outside of the United States.

While having these travel-specific plans added to your phone will reduce your costs, using your device as you would in the United States of America can still result in a higher bill. In order to avoid international data overages, limit the use of your phone’s GPS (navigation, location-based services, etc.) and streaming media services (Netflix, Hulu, etc.), using Wi-Fi whenever possible. These data-hungry services may assist in reaching your international data limit more quickly than you anticipate.

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