Technology Tip #3: Conquer Hidden App Fees

Hidden application charges can “crop-up” onto your invoices without you or the users even knowing it.  When downloading a premium application, such as “live TV” or GPS Navigation, using the application even once automatically subscribes the user to that specific service which often has a recurring fee.

When the end user realizes that there is a recurring fee involved or that they just don’t want the application, he or she will most likely delete it from the device. Unfortunately, deleting the application from the phone does not stop the monthly recurring billing for the application’s usage. The only way to stop the billing is to contact the wireless provider, or sometimes even the maker of the app, and cancel the subscription. Since most bills are not reviewed in depth, this charge, while small, usually goes undetected and can add up to a substantial amount over time.

If you think that you may be incurring hidden application fees, contact us to discuss your options.