The RAK Report: June 2014

It’s June already! Can you believe it? We can’t complain, though, because we’ve been experiencing some absolutely beautiful weather here in Chicago. Finally!  Fortunately, we’ve been able to balance enjoying the outdoors with a steady focus on some of the big projects we’ve been working on. Let’s get to it!

AccurateTankBack in April, we completed our work with Accurate Tank, a leading provider of integrated services for fueling site operations located in North Aurora, IL. RAK implemented an option that replaced their antiquated analog phone system with a Hosted VoIP solution which gives them the added benefits of Unified Communications features such as mobility, presence and disaster recovery while keeping their costs within their current operating budget. This “seamless” implementation was completed within 30 days from the time RAK received the approval to move forward with the recommendation. In addition, RAK is assisting Accurate Tank recover additional funds by finding buyers for their old system.

KristelWe also completed the initial assessment of Kristel Displays communications equipment, infrastructure, services, costs, and needs. We have reported our findings and provided recommendations for cost-effective enhancements. RAK is now working with Kristel Displays to sort through the options and determine the best course of action to implement. Based on our analysis, Kristel Displays could realistically reduce their expenditures between $18K and $26K or 31% to 40% per year while providing the tools to make their employees more productive and mobile.

hormann-logoLast month, RAK completed our communications assessment of Hormann LLC, a Montgomery, IL manufacturer of commercial and residential garage doors. We have reviewed the results of the assessment and outlined the options available to optimize their communications. RAK is now working with Hormann LLC to prioritize an implementation strategy based on contracts. Based on our analysis, Hormann LLC will lower their operating expenditures between $12K and $15.5K or 19% to 24% per year while optimizing the way they are using their services.

We also completed our communications assessment of S.I. Tech, a Batavia, IL organization that manufactures fiber optic communications deices such as modems, multiplexers, repeaters, and more. Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 10.14.13 AMAlthough we were only able to identify minimal savings (great job, S.I. Tech!), we are helping them develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to better utilize their current technology services which includes the development/revision of policies and procedures.

Well, that wraps it up for this month’s RAK Report! While we are tempted to get outside and enjoy the sunshine, we are always looking to connect with new clients and help them find ways to enhance their business’ communications technology. If you’re interested in verifying that your organization is spending as efficiently as possible, we offer a risk-free comprehensive audit that will determine whether a current telecom strategy is as cost-efficient as it could be. Please do not hesitate to contact us to get started!

Have a wonderful and productive June!

Anne Kulinski & the RAK Consulting Team