The RAK Report: March 2014

ReportMar2014It looks like spring weather has decided to wait until closer to it’s official launch date before providing those of us in the midwest with a break from the freezing temperatures and inches upon inches of snow. As tough as Chicago winters can be, the summers generally prove to make up for it by providing plenty of sun, thunderstorms, and other wonders of nature to appreciate. Maybe we’ll even stop talking about the weather so much since we’ll be able to get out and enjoy it!  Let’s get to some RAK news…

This past month, we’ve continued our work with Able Alarm and have reworked their wireless rate plans to the new at&t “value” plans which saves them an additional $140/month on their 9 lines. In addition, we’ve completed the consolidation of their at&t accounts from 9 to 2, ultimately saving time in processing their invoices. Moving forward, RAK will continue to identify cost-effective solutions in support of Able Alarm’s expansion plans.

ECCORAK is very happy to announce that we’ve started working with Electronic Connector Company (ECCO) in order to provide a cost-effective solution to upgrade their current communication platform. This process includes replacing their outdated equipment and services with current technology and services that will provide the sought after features and flexibility that the organization needs to continue to grow.

TIGOn a different note, RAK is very excited to reveal that we were brought in to Telcom Innovations Group in order to assist with the roll-out of a tech support application. This support consists of tracking data usage on test modems to better identify wireless data needs. RAK has always been interested in the latest technologies so assisting clients and partners with any advancement in technology is a pleasure that we also take as an opportunity for our own growth.

As Winter wraps up, RAK has been able to complete work with a couple of our clients including Nichols and a Rolling Meadows business. Both of these organizations made the leap to brand new hosted VoIP phone systems which were installed last month. These businesses will now get to enjoy the benefits of VoIP such as monthly cost-savings and the opportunity for a more unified communications system.

That closes it out for our March update! We hope you all have a very wonderful March filled with productivity and sun.

Anne Kulinski & the RAK Consulting Team