Why You Need A Corporate Mobility Policy

Organizations large and small are implementing Corporate Mobility Policies to not only protect themselves, but to also increase productivity by setting the groundwork of what is acceptable and expected of employees using mobile devices. From data protection to data usage and just about everything in between, creating and enforcing a Corporate Mobility Policy can help strengthen an organization by reducing costs and boosting efficiency.

Protect Your Data
We recently published an article discussing ways to make your smartphone more secure. While there are simple tasks that can be performed, this isn’t merely about passcodes and lock times. No matter the industry, it is important to ensure that each and every employee in an organization understands their responsibility to protect company data. Corporate Mobility Policies can lay the foundation for how to protect data and how to respond in the event of a breach.

Even though a device is provided and paid for by the company, each individual user is responsible for taking proper care of the technology. While most users will download games to relax on their daily commute, some users may not understand where a line is drawn between personal and professional applications. It’s also important to be aware of applications that are downloaded from and charged directly to the mobile account, as opposed to the individual’s iTunes/Google Play personal account.

Smartphones - The OatmealRisk-Management
What responsibility falls on your organization if an employee gets into an accident while sending a text message while driving to a meeting? Many states have implemented a strict “no texting while driving” law in addition to the “hands-free” laws, but making sure that your employees understand their liability in such a situation will help them to make smart decisions while operating their devices.

Whether one employee travels internationally or an entire department travels several times a year, creating a policy for traveling will ultimately help an organization become more efficient and save money by appropriating the proper plans.

Employee Behavior
Employees need to understand what type of usage is appropriate for their device. Live-streaming a football game can create a costly bill due to the data usage, so making sure that every member of an organization understands the consequences of their mobile actions will help to keep the company’s budget and priorities in line.

Devices and Numbers
Bring Your Own Device? Choose Your Own Device? Expense the bill? While there are numerous ways to organize a mobile strategy, having a mobile strategy is one of the best steps a business can take. Setting the groundwork for number porting, device options, contracts, and more, will reduce confusion and frustration.

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