Comprehensive Audit

Whether you are opening a new business or have been in the game since the invention of the mobile phone, your communications expenditure can make or break your budget. Back in 2004, CFO Magazine reported (with research from the Aberdeen Group) that telecom service expenses were in error 7%-12%. This rate of error was before your organization was buying smartphones for nearly every employee and in the process of considering how a tablet could help your company excel. As technology evolves, so does telecom expense.

If you have not reviewed your telecom expenses in the last year or two, you may benefit from a billing and inventory audit. A telecom expense audit includes the organization and line-by-line review of your telecom bills as well as an overall inspection of your vendor contracts, device contracts, and more. After the audit, we will present any findings including, but not limited to areas of overspend and unused services as well as recommendations to enhance your telecom service with updated technology and services.

You owe it to your organization to ensure that you’re not spending unnecessarily on your telecommunications and with RAK’s risk-free initial consultation and audit, untangling the telecom web has never been easier. Contact us today to set up a meeting.