Contract Negotiation

RAK Consulting not only has experience working with numerous vendors, but is also highly knowledgeable and skilled in the classical dance that is contract negotiation. As an intermediary representing your business and as a vendor-independent consultant, you can be assured that we have your organization’s best interests at the forefront of our negotiation.

Based on your business’ current and projected needs, we will work with vendors in order to develop ambitious contracts that will leave you confident that you are receiving exceptional rates, extraordinary service, and generous incentives. Our clients say that we more than pay for ourselves by reducing vendor margins through the competitive process, specifying a solution to meet their needs without vendor sales pitches for unneeded services and equipment, and by reducing in-house resource demands.

If your contracts are up for renewal and you are looking to negotiate a new communications contract, contact us to find out about how RAK Consulting can deliver first-class results.