RFP & Analysis

If your contracts are up for renewal or will be in the coming months, reviewing your current vendor’s offerings as well as the services that other vendors provide can initiate a myriad of savings for your company.  An RAK Consulting review will untangle the often-complicated web of mobile vendor offerings and free up your time so that you can concentrate on the success of your business.

At RAK Consulting, we understand the intricate details that are included in selecting a carrier, from their current pricing and potential savings to the vendor’s future technological plans.  Selecting a carrier is not just about how much your company can save, but how much stress it can alleviate with coverage in your area, device warranties, and much more.  After an initial consultation regarding your company’s current and future technological needs, we create a highly detailed bid specification (RFP) based on the technical direction of your company.  We are not just looking for a vendor to provide you with voice and data service, but a solid, strategic partner.

As vendors can often times provide pricing that is more tailored to their own wants, RAK Consulting will negotiate with vendors to ensure that your company’s needs are exceeded.  After we present all options in a straight-forward presentation highlighting any and all benefits and drawbacks to each choice, you will be able to select an option based on your company’s direction and best interests.

Using RAK’s time-tested approach helps you avoid the pitfalls of entering into a potentially long-term contract that won’t meet your needs. Instead, our methodology produces consistent and comparable information and ensures that the chosen vendor’s solution is consistent with your technology strategy.

If you are looking to reduce your costs or upgrade your technology, an RAK Consulting assisted RFP and vendor selection will undoubtedly provide you and your company with the ease of mind necessary to take the next steps. Contact us to find out more.