Integrated Management

Depending on the structure of your company, you may currently choose to perform telecom expense management (TEM) in-house.  Whether these responsibilities are added to those of the IT department or you have a single person managing these along with additional responsibilities, out-sourcing your TEM may greatly benefit your organization’s budget and efficiency.

RAK Consulting telemanagement offers all of the responsiveness and functionality of an in-house solution without the additional costs. We are a full-service operation that will handle all of your wireless needs with a single point of contact across multiple sites and carriers to ensure integration, responsiveness, and cost control.  We will handle all service issues, moves, additions, subtractions, installations, cancellations and billing issues through our integrated telecom management process which includes a powerful escalation process to ensure any and all issues are resolved quickly and accurately.

While TEM software allows a company to manage their telecom expenses in-house, the software lacks the telecom support that RAK Consulting offers.  In addition to providing expense allocation and additional reports, we offer service quality reviews to ensure the accuracy of invoices, review carrier response times, and align services with the emerging needs of the users through rate plan optimization.

RAK Consulting’s single point of contact structure allows users to troubleshoot and gain a better understanding of their technology through our wireless help desk support.  We not only offer customized technical documents based on your company’s chosen technology, but they are housed in a straight-forward web portal allowing users to access ordering processes, company specific offerings, and more.

Using RAK Consulting’s telecom management service will provide your company with the technical, financial, and end-user support infrastructure needed to efficiently manage your communications services on an on-going basis. Contact us today to learn more.