RAK’s The Word: October 2013

With fun-size candy and pumpkins fully-stocked, we head into the month of October with a sense of optimism that is ready for the changing of the seasons. September may have brought us the first day of Autumn, but October is the month that really puts the colorful season in full-swing. While we start to prepare ourselves for what will come in the New Year, we need to take the time to truly reflect so that we may continue to grow.

ChemJet, Inc.In September, we continued to work with ChemJet, Inc., a leading, global developer and manufacturer of specialized chemical products for the gas and oil industry. Through reconfigured rate plans, we were able to save them 22.4% on their monthly wireless bill. In addition, we developed a wireless policy specifically tailored to their organization. This wireless policy lays down the ground rules for employee usage of wireless devices and protects the company from wireless-related liabilities resulting from user-error (for example, texting and driving accidents). We were really excited to help ChemJet adopt a wireless policy and hope that other organizations see the benefits and follow their initiative.

We also had the pleasure of working a little more closely with one of our existing clients this month, Packaging Services Company/SolvChem. PSC/SolvChem is a chemical distribution company, headquartered in Houston, Texas, that develops custom solutions with top-grade organic SolvChemand inorganic products. While we’ve been working with PSC/SolvChem for two years, their wireless contracts finally came to term so that we were able to renegotiate their contracts and determine new rate plans. The end result was a savings of 40% on their monthly wireless bill. It’s pretty amazing what a difference of two years can make! This is a perfect example of why it’s important to always review and renegotiate your contracts when they are up for renewal. Not only does every vendor have a different style of rate plans, but each vendor will change those rate plans quite often. The only way to really find out the most efficient plan is through a comprehensive review of your telecom strategy.

While it’s not quite the official month of being thankful (see you next month, November!), we want to take a moment to say that we are so thankful for the opportunity to work with all of our wonderful clients. Not only do we enjoy being able to give them great news about savings, but we really appreciate the chance to get to know their businesses and all of the people that make them the fabulous organizations that they are.

Signing off from the beautiful midwest, we here at RAK hope that you have a magnificent October!

Anne Kulinski & the RAK Consulting Team