12 Smartphone Apps For Business Travelers

PlaneTraveling is a lesson in preparedness. Before the trip even begins, we need to book airfare, reserve hotels, and pack our bags. While leaving for a day or a week can be stressful, technology allows us to ease this schedule interruption with handy applications that assist in everything from language barriers to finding public restrooms. We’ve collected a list of 12 smartphone applications that will increase your organization and allow you to enjoy your trip.

Before You Go

There are several itinerary apps on the market, but both TripIt and WorldMate are the frontrunners in this category. These applications allow you to create an itinerary and add your hotels, car rentals, flights, meetings, and more. From here, you can easily share your trip with colleagues and assistants to make sure everyone is on the same page.
TripItiOS/Android/Windows/Blackberry – Free
WorldMateiOS/Android/Windows/Blackberry – Free

One of the biggest drains on a smartphone is the use of the GPS. By downloading an offline map of your destination from Citymaps, you’ll be able to find your way around town without the worry of running low on battery or data overage.
CitymapsiOS – Free

Whether you travel once a year or once per month, streamlining the packing process by creating a reusable list with TripList will make your current and future travel endeavors that much less stressful. Checking this application before you head out the door will ensure that you never forget your cell phone charger again. ProTip: If you’re feeling fancy, you can integrate TripList with TripIt for an even more cohesive travel plan.
TripList: iOS – Free (in-app purchases)

If you’re meeting colleagues in another city or simply want to check if your flight is on-time, having the FlightView app will ease your stress with flight tracking, gate changes, and more.
FlightView: iOS/Android – Free

Out and About

Called “The Taxi Magnet,” Hailo allows you to secure a cab and pay for the service directly through your mobile device. The application has been implemented for New York City, Chicago, Boston, Washington D.C., Toronto, and Montreal.
Hailo: iOS/Android – Free

If you’re taking a client out for dinner, using an app that contains a collection of reviews will help you find a restaurant or bar that meets your needs and doesn’t disappoint.
Yelp: iOS/Android/Windows/Blackberry – Free

Tip Calculator % Free
A few too many drinks can make even the simplest math complicated. Tip Calculator % Free will not only help you decide on how much to tip, but can also split the bill of a large party.
Tip Calculator % Free: iOS – Free

Yes, there is an app for that and it is officially run by Charmin, the toilet paper creator. If you’re in need of a public restroom, SitOrSquat will help you find one that is both clean and safe.
SitOrSquat: iOS/Android – Free

Save Money

International calls can rack up quite a bill. Utilizing a VoIP service over a Wi-Fi connection will help you avoid the costly calls while staying in touch with those back home.
Skype: iOS/Android/Windows/Blackberry – Free

Being a tourist is no longer an excuse when it comes to overpaying at the pump. GasBuddy will help you locate the nearest gas stations all over the US and Canada, providing you with the latest prices so that you can make an educated decision on where to fill up.
GasBuddy: iOS/Android/Windows/Blackberry – Free

Avoid International Incidents

XE Currency/Oanda
If you’re traveling abroad, downloading an app such as XE Currency or Oanda can help you to decipher exactly how much that super sweet souvenir hat or shirt costs in your home currency.
XE Currency: iOS/Android/Windows/Blackberry – Free
Oanda: iOS/Android/Windows/Blackberry – Free

Google Translate
Instead of hauling out a phrase book, you can now tap open an app and find out exactly how to say hello or ask for the check.
Google Translate: iOS/Android – Free

Please note: While our mobile devices can be a hub of information and organization, they can also become a source of frustration when it comes to traveling expenses. Before leaving, always check that your devices are prepared with the proper plans and coverage. If you’d like to find out how to ensure your devices are efficiently monitored, please contact us